Mates360 FAQ.



What devices do you currently support?

At the moment we support all Apple iPhones and iPads as long as they are running OS 4.3 or higher. A proper iPad version will be released soon!

Can I use Mates360 internationally?

Yes, it doesn’t matter where you are, just make sure you and your friends have Mates360 installed and check your data plans and roaming rates.

Does Mates360 have to be running in the background on my phone in order for my friends to view my apps?

No, all data in Mates360 is stored on our servers so even if your phone if off your friends will still be able to access your apps.

I don’t have 3G, can I still use Mates360?

Yes if you don’t have 3G you can also use Mates360 over Wi-Fi.

Does Mates360 include any advertisements?

No, Mates360 doesn’t contain any adverts.

Can I invite my friends to download Mates360?

Yes, Mates360 has a feature within the app which lets you invite friends to purchase Mates360.

What is Mates360?

Mates360 allows you to make your favorite Apps visible to your selected circle of friends directly on your phone. With Mates360 you are able to see what apps your friends have, categorize your apps into social circles of your choice, view app description and purchase them directly from the Apple Store.

My friend downloaded and installed Mates360 but we can’t see each other’s Apps, Why?

This rarely happens, but in cases like this please first make sure that both you and your friend have Mates360 installed on your iPhone. Secondly make sure you both have each other’s numbers saved in your address book with full international format starting with the + sign. If this does not resolve the problem contact our support.

Why do you ask for my phone number?

We ask for this because your phone number is what connects Mates360 between you and your friends. Please note that we do value your privacy and have not, will not and do not sell your personal information to anyone. To view more information with regards to our Privacy Policy, please go to Privacy Policy.

How can I update my profile?

Our application uses the contacts directly from your phones address book. To change any profile picture, please do this in your phones address book.

Can my friends actually download my apps?

Sorry but unfortunately Mates360 does not support this function. You are only able to see each other’s apps. You can also simply click on the app you want and you will be directly sent to the Apple Store for the option to purchase it.

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